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Venkat charmalaya is happy to announce that Dr. Venkat has been awarded appreciation award by International League of Dermatologists ILDS. ILDS is the global body for all dermatologists and all national societies are members of ILDS. It is like the United Nations of Dermatological Societies all over the world. ILDS recognises 10 to 12 senior dermatologists around the world for their outstanding national and international contribution Dr. Venkat is only the Fifth Indian Dermatologist to receive this honour. | Venkat Charmalaya introduces PRP enhanced fat transfer. Click here to know more. | Venkat Charmalaya introduces PRP enhanced fat transfer. Click here to know more. | Dr Jayashree Venkataram has received the Fellowship of Royal College London for her contribution | Dr. Venkat is elected as President elect of Indian Association of Dermatologists , Venereologists and Leprologists 2014.IADVL is a 7500+ member strong association, and Dr Venkat is only the fifth member to be elected as President from Karnataka. | Await: A Branch will be opened on ring road banashankari 3rd stage shortly. | Dr venkataram Mysore has been awarded honourary FRCP from royal college of Physicians Glasgow UK. He is only the second dermatologist from Karnataka to receive this honour. He is also recognised as a International Mentor by American Society of Dermatosurgery- the first dermatologist from Karnataka to receive this recongistion | We perform liposuction under tumescent anesthesia which is absolutely safe. All recent reported adverse events occurred after general anesthesia. | Dr. Venkatram Mysore, President ACSI con with Former Indian President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. | We are now listed on www.estheticon.com
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Dr. Jayashree venkataram was a guest speaker at IMCAS Asia, at Bangkok( International masters course on ageing skin, where she spoke on Tumescent liposuction, Indian experience.

Powered liposuction is available in Venkat Charmalaya- this helps in removal of fat, particularly tough , fibrous fat,reduced operation time ,less fatigue for the surgeon, and faster healing time.It also results in some tightening of skin.

ULTRASOUND LIPOLYSIS: Recently machines have been marketed with claims of decreasing fat by ultrasound machines.These are expensive machines needing further evaluation.

What is Mesotherapy?
Mesotherapy is a technique of administration of drugs in to the inner layers of skin called dermis and fat layer. It was first described a French doctor called Dr Pistor who described it for pain management in 1952. The technique has been extended to treatment of several other diseases including fat reduction. The technique consists of using a specialized gun to inject small quantities of drugs . In mesolipolysis, substances such as phosphatidyl choline and desoxy choline( which is a bile acid secreted by gall bladder), are used to destroy fat cells in small deposits of fat.

Is this an accepted form of treatment?
The technique has been advocated and advertised as a nonsurgical method of fat reduction and has received wide press coverage in media and internet. However, the technique is yet to receive approval by FDA in USA and UK. Proper supporting data and proof for its efficacy are lacking. Full scientific information about several drugs used in mesotherapy is not available. Also, the treatment is expensive, needs multiple injections and involves several sessions over many months. Hence further  quicker  research and experience is needed before it can be accepted as a standard form of treatment.

What is Laser lipolysis?
Recently a laser called Nd Yag laser has been advocated for destruction of fat . The technique is new, needs further evaluation regarding its efficacy , is expensive and at present can be regarded as a modality only for small deposits of fat.

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