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Venkat charmalaya is happy to announce that Dr. Venkat has been awarded appreciation award by International League of Dermatologists ILDS. ILDS is the global body for all dermatologists and all national societies are members of ILDS. It is like the United Nations of Dermatological Societies all over the world. ILDS recognises 10 to 12 senior dermatologists around the world for their outstanding national and international contribution Dr. Venkat is only the Fifth Indian Dermatologist to receive this honour. | Venkat Charmalaya introduces PRP enhanced fat transfer. Click here to know more. | Venkat Charmalaya introduces PRP enhanced fat transfer. Click here to know more. | Dr Jayashree Venkataram has received the Fellowship of Royal College London for her contribution | Dr. Venkat is elected as President elect of Indian Association of Dermatologists , Venereologists and Leprologists 2014.IADVL is a 7500+ member strong association, and Dr Venkat is only the fifth member to be elected as President from Karnataka. | Await: A Branch will be opened on ring road banashankari 3rd stage shortly. | Dr venkataram Mysore has been awarded honourary FRCP from royal college of Physicians Glasgow UK. He is only the second dermatologist from Karnataka to receive this honour. He is also recognised as a International Mentor by American Society of Dermatosurgery- the first dermatologist from Karnataka to receive this recongistion | We perform liposuction under tumescent anesthesia which is absolutely safe. All recent reported adverse events occurred after general anesthesia. | Dr. Venkatram Mysore, President ACSI con with Former Indian President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. | We are now listed on www.estheticon.com
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Specialised Treatment in Gynaecomastia (Male Breast)

Gynaecomastia or Male Breast enlargement is a common problem in Men. Gynaecomastia causes much social embarrassment, and psychological stress as these young men are not able to wear tight fitting dresses, visit public Gyms, Swimming pools, religious ceremonies which need disrobing of the upper clothes etc. Young men in hostels are often at the receiving end of jokes and ridicule. These people try to hide Gynaecomastia by wearing lose clothes, but severe grades are difficult to hide.

We have now procured a New Machine for Liposuction from Microair for smoother and faster extraction of fat. And Also now procured Fotona laser for laser lipolysis. It helps in speedy removal of fat and also tightening of Skin.

Gynaecomastia can occur due to several causes such as hormonal abnormality, drugs, obesity etc. However a majority of men with Gynaecomastia are otherwise normal. Drugs such as Tamoxifen have been advocated for management, but surgery remains the mainstay of treatment for many patients. Selected cases may need to be checked for any hormonal abnormality and by ultrasound scanning to rule out any breast pathology. Hitherto, an extensive procedure subtotal mastectomy was the treatment of choice. However, with introduction of tumescent liposuction, the treatment has become simpler and effective. It is cosmetically more acceptable as the scar is minimal. In liposuction for Gynaecomastia, 1-2 small holes (adits) of size 3 mm are made on either side.

A fluid called Klein's fluid is introduced. The whole breast becomes swollen and firm. The fluid produces Anaesthesia and also constriction of vessels thereby minimizing blood loss. The fat is then aspirated through Small cannulae; up to 2-4 litres can be taken out comfortably. The toughest part is usually the part beneath the nipple and areola, as the tissue here consists of breast glands and fibrous tissue, which cannot be sucked out easily.

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Gynaecomastia (Before & After)

A modification where in an additional hole is made beneath the nipple, the glandular tissue and the fibrous tissue is manually extracted yields good results. Liposuction yields excellent results in Gynaecomastia. We have performed liposuction for over 150 Gynaecomastia cases. The accompanying PowerPoint shows the results of our experience.

Available Doctors - Specialised in Gynaecomastia

Dr Jayashree Venkataram MRCOG & Dr Venkataram Mysore MD FRCP (Glasgow)

Liposuction Surgeons Bangalore Liposuction Clinic at Venkat Charmalaya, Centre for Advanced Dermatology and postgraduate training centre, 104 Cunningham classic, Cunningham road crescent next to The Hindu Office, Bangalore. Tel: 23180818, 41148848.