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Venkat charmalaya is happy to announce that Dr. Venkat has been awarded appreciation award by International League of Dermatologists ILDS. ILDS is the global body for all dermatologists and all national societies are members of ILDS. It is like the United Nations of Dermatological Societies all over the world. ILDS recognises 10 to 12 senior dermatologists around the world for their outstanding national and international contribution Dr. Venkat is only the Fifth Indian Dermatologist to receive this honour. | Venkat Charmalaya introduces PRP enhanced fat transfer. Click here to know more. | Venkat Charmalaya introduces PRP enhanced fat transfer. Click here to know more. | Dr Jayashree Venkataram has received the Fellowship of Royal College London for her contribution | Dr. Venkat is elected as President elect of Indian Association of Dermatologists , Venereologists and Leprologists 2014.IADVL is a 7500+ member strong association, and Dr Venkat is only the fifth member to be elected as President from Karnataka. | Await: A Branch will be opened on ring road banashankari 3rd stage shortly. | Dr venkataram Mysore has been awarded honourary FRCP from royal college of Physicians Glasgow UK. He is only the second dermatologist from Karnataka to receive this honour. He is also recognised as a International Mentor by American Society of Dermatosurgery- the first dermatologist from Karnataka to receive this recongistion | We perform liposuction under tumescent anesthesia which is absolutely safe. All recent reported adverse events occurred after general anesthesia. | Dr. Venkatram Mysore, President ACSI con with Former Indian President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. | We are now listed on www.estheticon.com
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Fat Transfer

Liposculpturing is a method to sculpture the human body and alter its shape, either by removing fat by liposuction or injecting fat by fat transfer.

Fat transfer is the concept of injecting human fat back into a patient in order to fill holes or plump up certain areas of the body.

This method is used in the following situations:

  • Natural defects such as sunken cheeks
  • Defects on the face and wrinkles in aged skin
  • Defects after acne scars
  • In certain skin diseases such as scleroderma
  • Depressions caused by injury
  • Depressions caused by injections such as steroids.


This is a simple method under local anesthesia lasting about 1 hour. Fat is usually taken from thigh or buttocks using a suction syringe. It is transferred on to another container and any fluid is removed. The concentrated fat is the injected through a syringe under local anesthesia to the recipient area. A simple dressing is put and patient is sent home.

Results are seen with in a week.

What are the advantages of fat transfer over artificial fillers? 
Several artificial fillers are available. These are very expensive, last only for a short time . In fat transfer, since natural fat from patient herself is used , there are no allergic reactions. The injected fat usually last for 1-3 years. The method is also cheaper when compared to artificial filler substance.